Perfect Easy Iced Coffee

I need my iced coffee like a cheerleader needs her pompoms. It’s my redbull. But more than give me wings, it actually gets me out of bed! I wasn’t always a coffee lover. All I needed was a sugar fix to keep me buzzing. Then I had my kid. All those sleepless nights of nursing and diaper duty were physically exhausting. I needed more than a sugar rush to get me going. Iced Coffee became my best friend. I remember my first big girl moment, when I walked into Starbucks and asked for a tall iced coffee. It felt more adult like than asking for tea or lemonade. After awhile I was getting annoyed about the fact that I had to walk out in the morning to get my coffee fix, when I would have preferred to drink it in the early AM before I even got dressed. I am embarrassed to admit the fact it took me two years before I made my own iced coffee. It seemed complicated. Once I actually made it at home, I realized how ridiculously easy it is. Now, I can have my iced coffee just the way I like it. In the early am, in my pjs.

1 cup
1 straw
1/4 cup of hot water
1 tsp. instant iced coffee

Take your cup, it can be a large coffee mug, a tall glass cup, a takeaway cup, whatever you like to drink your coffee out of. Fill it with about 1/4 cup of boiling hot water. You want just enough water to mix with the instant coffee. I always keep a hot water dispenser plugged in for instant access to boiling water for coffee, tea and cooking. Like this one here, Rosewill Rosewill Electric Dispenser . Once you have hot water in your cup, you are going to add 1 tsp. instant coffee. (that’s the amount I like to use, but add as much as you like) mix it well with the water. This is when the straw comes in handy. Then you are going to add the sugar. You can use white sugar, raw sugar, splenda, or none if you like your coffee straight up. I am a bit of a sugar junkie, so I like mine with two packets of sugar. It’s important to add the sugar now with the hot water, before you add the ice and milk so it can dissolve. Once it’s mixed together, fill up your cup with ice. All the way to the top. Now, you are going to add the milk. Milk, Soy milk, Almond Milk, Coffee Rich, Mocha Mix…whatever you like to drink your coffee with, fill the cup to the top. Mix it all together. (yup, still using that straw) I love watching the colors blend at this point, it starts off white then gets all creamy and mocha like. Drink. Enjoy. Repeat.

Just to break it down for you, so you see how EASY it is!

1. Fill a cup with about 1/4 cup hot water.
2. Add 1 tsp. instant coffee (or more if you like) and mix well.
3. Add sugar and mix well.
4. Fill cup with ice.
5. Add milk and mix well.

Starbucks ain’t got nothing on you now.

~ Recipe submitted by Nina Safar

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