Veggie Pasta with Chicken Chunks


Chicken Breast cut into small pieces.
1 can of tomato sauce
1 yellow onion diced
1 clove of garlic diced
1 small red pepper diced
1 small orange pepper diced
1 small yellow pepper diced
Ronzoni Garden Delight vegetable pasta


Fry up the onion and garlic. Once golden, add the diced peppers. Once those are tender add the chicken pieces. Cook until no longer pink. Add the tomato sauce, spices and sugar. (I never measure the spices, I season to taste adding if I feel necessary.) Combine and cook through. Serve with the prepared vegetable pasta.

~ Recipe submitted by Nina Safar

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4 thoughts on “Veggie Pasta with Chicken Chunks”

  • I made this like two weeks ago and it was heavenly. When I wanted to make it again today I had a hard time finding it because it is filed uner uncategorized. Why don’t you put it under chicken, or even pasta?

  • Hi, I uploaded that recipe real fast and in my haste forgot to properly categorize it! I just took care of it. Thanks for the reminder and I am glad you like it.

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