Zesty Chicken Cutlets

This is my super awesome chicken cutlet mix. It takes a few minutes to put together, but I make the flake/spice mixture once a month and use it whenever I decide to make my baby his favorite dinner (and when I say baby, I mean grown man, although it works for children as well!)

Ingredients for coating:
4 cups corn flakes crumbs
4 cups whole wheat crumbs (you can easily be exchange it for any flavored or home made crumbs.)
1 regular size bag of corn flakes -once over in a dry food processor should do or just have your kids play with the sealed bag! (throw it in an large zip lock first if you go that route.)

Ingredients for seasoning:
Season the coating mixture with the following spices. Start with 2/3rd a cup of paprika and go down from there… a little less of each of the following spices in the following order. (until your at a tea spoon of slat and pepper.)

cayenne pepper
garlic/onion powder
salt pepper

Thin out the chicken cutlets. Then dip them in eggs and cover in mixture of flakes and spices. Cook in pan with some olive oil for a few minutes each side until slightly crispy. Cool off on paper towel. It may sound strange but it works and gets rave reviews each time!

~ Recipe submitted by Dee Meyer.

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