Spinach Lasagna

This is your basic Lasagna recipe with two updated tweaks that include a subtle addition of veggies and a new and improved way of cooking with pasta!

1. I use Spinach. It goes well with the cheeses and is a great way to get your daily vegetable without sacrificing flavor!

2. I use oven ready Lasagna noodles. (you can use the pasta that needs to be boiled first, if you prefer) I like removing the task of boiling the water and having to handle the sticky wet noodles, so this works out well for me!



1 box of oven ready lasagna

1 jar of marinara sauce

1 package of frozen spinach

1 package of mozzarella cheese

1 container of ricotta cheese

Parmesan cheese

1 pan, either 9×13 or a smaller square would work


Heat up the spinach, then mix it with the ricotta cheese and add an egg. I pour some sauce on the bottom of the pan so the pasta doesn’t stick to it. Layer the lasagna with sauce, spinach mixture and then the mozzarella. I add on Parmesan cheese with the final layer, on top of the mozzarella. Bake for about 45 minutes on 350.

~ Recipe submitted by Nina Safar

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One thought on “Spinach Lasagna”

  • To save time, I defrost the spinach the night before (or in the microwave) and I just layer one on top of another so as to not make another bowl dirty and to save time. I also have added italian spices and garlic to my lasagna, but that is a matter of taste. Enjoy!

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