Holiday Shopping with RadioShack

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting (#MC) for RadioShack. I received a gift card to facilitate a shopping trip and promotional item as a thank you for participating.

Tis the season to be jolly. To connect with loves one over decadent food with laughter and joy. Regardless of what holiday you are celebrating, it’s certain (almost certain) that there will be some sort of exchange of gifts. Whether it’s home crafted or tech toys that you purchased, gifts will be handed over gleefully accepted. I don’t drive (It’s on my list of things to do before my son gets his permit. He is three so I have some time) which means I am a serial walker. While most people select an apartment based on high ceilings and large walk in closets, my list of necessities was having a Starbucks and supermarket within walking distance. I got lucky and also scored a pharmacy, multiple Kosher restaurants, ice cream shop and radioshack all five blocks or less from my place of residence. I’m a window shopper so I often walk into stores simply to browse (yes, I’m THAT annoying customer!) I enjoy seeing all the new products and foods available.

This season, Mom Central reached out to me to blog on behalf of RadioShack about a holiday campaign for them and told me they wanted me to blog about my experience shopping in their newly upgraded stores. Granted they were giving me money to buy something, but it was something I had previously walked in there and wanted to get. I was just waiting for the right opportunity (aka money) which is why I jumped at the chance to work with them on the campaign. I was excited to check out their newly revamped stores. All RadioShack stores recently completed a merchandise update designed to deliver a better shopping experience and make room for new products in growing categories. As of now, 2,000 stores have completed a “reset” with new paint and interior signage updating to current brand standards. These stores feature bright, completely redesigned interiors and new exterior signage bearing the new RadioShack logo. By the end of 2013, RadioShack will have more than 100 concept and brand statement stores open and will have made improvements to nearly all 4,300 stores throughout the nation. Holiday shoppers (like myself!) will be among the first to experience RadioShack’s recently updated stores.

I tend to get side tracked when shopping and always end up looking at random items I have no intention of buying. Once I found my way to the tablet section the staff was really helpful in helping me select the one that best fit my needs (and budget!) I have not yet shown my son our new purchase as I am saving it for New Years weekend when we are flying out to visit my in laws. I’m hoping it will help distract him for the 6 hour flight!

To view all of their current holiday deals and find out the closest RadioShack near you, go to RadioShack Holiday Hub.

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