Swiss Diamond Cookware {Review}

I never thought about pans until I started cooking. It was all about the food. The recipe. The ingredients. The importance of good quality cookware was not on my radar until I bought myself a really bad pan and tried to cook scrambled eggs in it. Suddenly I realized that not all pans are created equal and some will leave you screaming for takeout. This past Hanukkah I was introduced to Swiss Diamonds Cookware. I was able to cook over 600 latkes using them. Never once did I scream in frustration. The batter never stuck to the pans and I was able to flip them (600+ latkes!) with ease.


I used two Swiss Diamonds Cookware products, a 12.5” Fry Pan and Double Burner Griddle Pan to cook latkes for an event I catered over Hanukkah. They were kind enough to send me the new products I requested in time for me to use them for my gig. If you want to test out a pan’s durability there is no better time than the holidays! I was eager to receive them but also a bit hesitant to be trying them out right before my big event. I am pleased to say they stood up to the test. I was able to fry up latke after latke after latke in them without any sticking to the pan and cleanup was a breeze.

Check out their full selection of cookware HERE and stay tuned for future cooking how to videos featuring Swiss Diamond Cookware.

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  • Actually, Swiss Diamond factory is the ONLY cookware production facility in the world that has a Mezuza at his main entrance and it belongs to a Jewish guy, how cool is that :-)

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