Joburg Kosher Beef Biltong {Product Review + Giveaway}

I’m notorious for my sweet tooth so when a sample of Ready-to-Eat, Dried Beef came from Joburg Kosher, I knew just the right person to test out how great the beef really was. My husband is a meat man. He loves his burgers and steaks so it only seemed fitting for me to hand this one over to him. – Nina

“”As a meat lover, I can’t remember how many times I have been to a 7-11 and looked at the beef jerky or slim jim and wished that I could snap into it like Macho Man Randy Savage used to scream. Well, a year or so ago, I remember going into a kosher super market and seeing kosher beef jerky. I almost fainted, but then I tried it and it tasted the opposite of what I had imagined, it was like someone dumped soy sauce on a piece of beef and called it beef jerky. Wasn’t beef jerky supposed to be DRIED meat? Just as I was about to give up on Kosher beef jerky, I was introduced to Joburg Kosher Beef Biltong. I wasn’t in the mood for disappointment, but figured that since I still had high hopes for the possibility of having a kosher counterpart to just about any food product, I should try it. Thank Hashem I did because this was exactly what I had always wanted – tasty, dried meat that I could throw into a bag and eat whenever. This kosher bag of dried meat is coming with me when I travel and probably onto my couch for movie night. If the Macho Man converts, I don’t think he will be disappointed!”

The Beef Biltong flavors range from Traditional, Black Pepper and Spicy Peri Peri. Joburg Kosher also has a line of Beef Boerewors that are nitrates free and are available in the following flavors; Traditional, Garlic and Spicy Peri Peri.

~ Review written by Erez Safar

Want some Beef Biltong?

Buy it: You can Purchase your own Beef Biltong and Beef Boerewors products here.

Win it: One lucky reader will win a FREE sample from Joburg Kosher! To enter,

1. Follow Kosher in the Kitch on Facebook! & Twitter then leave a comment here stating you did so.
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Contest ends March 31st 10pm EST. Open to US residents only.

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