Golden Turkey

This is my mother in law’s recipe for Turkey. The skin is crisp and the inside is juicy and moist with flavor. My husband likes to call it Thanksgiving candy!

1/4 stick of margarine
1 cheese cloth

Warm the oven to 500, put the turkey in without anything on it and immediately turn the over down to 350. Cook it on 350, 15-20 minutes per pound. I do not put any spices on the turkey (very unusual for me not to use spices) and it has plenty of salt from the koshering.
After the first ½ hour, cover the turkey with cheese cloth dipped in ¼ (or more, if you like) stick of margarine, start basting the turkey every ½ hour.
Before the last ½ hour remove the cloth.
The most important – after the turkey cooled, does not have to be completely cold, slice the turkey (whatever is left after everyone nibbles on it) and return the sliced meat back to the dripping that was created. This makes the meat very juicy, warm it up in that dripping before serving. If you like less fatty dripping – while the turkey is cooling off, put the pan with the dripping in the freezer until the fat congeals at the top. Remove that fat before putting the sliced turkey back in.

~ Frida Zipors recipe submitted by Nina Safar

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