Fried Gefilte Fish Patties with Onions

Gefilte Fish Patties with Onions
Fried Gefilte Fish Patties with Onions

My friend Henny gave me this recipe and it has quickly become a family favorite. It’s an easy no fuss way to cook up a delicious classic. (so easy it’s only two ingredients!)

1 loaf gefilta fish
1 onion cut into half moons

Defrost gefilta fish loaf slightly then remove wrapping paper and cut into patties. Saute onions until slightly browned then add fish and cook until lightly browned on both sides. Serve with onions.

~ Recipe submitted by Nina Safar

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14 thoughts on “Fried Gefilte Fish Patties with Onions”

    • Rochel, so happy you like it! It’s actually a favorite of mine as well. Since I started cooking gefilta fish this way there is no other way to make it! I used to bake it since it’s such easy prep, but this way tastes so good, and my husband likes it so much that I will spend the extra time cooking it on the stovetop to serve it like this =)

  • That looks delicious! Guess I could use the jarred gefilte fish too, slice it, sauté it in the onions. Unless I find a gefilte loaf I actually like. Is there a specific brand that tastes better? I don’t remember which one I have tried.

  • so many recipes can be made from the prepared loaves of g. fish; just want to recommend to use the no added sugar variety; boiled it is NO GOOD; but baked, w/ some spices or sauce on top, ummmm. This recipe, since it has sweetness from the sauteed onions, would be perfect to avoid adding more sugar, esp in a protein dish, to our families’ diets .

  • can I use the jarred gefilte fish? I don’t know where I could buy it in loaf form in my area. And is there a brand that’s n more preferred over another?


    • I have not tried jarred gefilta fish but I am sure it would taste good! Fried with onions how could it not? You could also dip sliced fish into eggs then crumbs and then fry it if you would like.

  • I just fried gefilte fish patties on both sides with onions which taste delicious where I know they’ve been cooked enough. But I wonder if I should put them in tthe oven at 350 degrees for about 20 minutes to make sure they’re cooked through. Any suggestions? Thank you!

  • Hi, once you cook them on both sides (so that they are browned on both sides) they are cooked. If you would like to bake them, place entire loaf in a baking dish,spray with olive oil and cover with foil and bake on 350 for about an hour and 20 minutes.

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