Mexican Salad

Bagged mixed greens
Cherry tomatoes (1 pint)
1 avocado
1 can black beans
1 can white corn kernels
1 bunch fresh cilantro

Ingredients for candied pecans:
1 cup spicy candied pecans
cayenne pepper

rice wine vinegar
olive oil
honey (1Tbsp)
Dijon mustard

Toss greens with all other salad ingredients, making sure to wash & drain the canned beans and corn well.

To make the candied pecans: preheat oven to 375F. Mix the pecans in a bowl with honey and cayenne pepper (amount to suit your like of spice). Spread in a single layer on a baking sheet and roast until fragrant, being very careful not to let the pecans burn.

To make the vinaigrette: mix the honey and mustard together, followed by the rice wine vinegar and olive oil. Mix well to emulsify. Dress salad just before serving.

~ Recipe submitted by Evelyn Behar

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