Chicken Egg Rolls BAKED not Fried!

Chicken Egg Rolls
Chicken Egg Rolls

1 lb ground chicken thigh
1 t corn starch
1 t sherry wine
3 t soy sauce
3 cups cole slaw mix
1 inch piece of ginger shredded
2 green onions diced

Heat up pan with some oil then cook chicken until no longer pink. Add sherry and corn starch mixture. Add cole slaw mix and soy sauce. Add ginger and green onion combine together. Heat through. Fill up egg roll wrappers. (using a tablespoon measuring spoon place a tablespoon batter in center of wrapper then roll to form egg roll) Place on greased baking sheet. Spray with cooking oil. Cook on 425 for about 12 to 15 minutes or until crispy and golden.

Chicken Egg Rolls
Chicken Egg Rolls

~ Recipe submitted by Nina Safar

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One thought on “Chicken Egg Rolls BAKED not Fried!”

  • I’m really taken aback by your recipe here. I love egg rolls but have held back from making them anymore since my wife and I are both disabled. But to be able to bake them? Even in our air-fry oven, oh yes indeedy. hahaha

    You’ve made a fan out of me. Thank you. I know this recipe is older, but then so are we. Woo Hoo!

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