Beef Tacos

I enjoy a good Mexican dish, and tacos served with tomato salsa and guacamole would be one of my fav! This is a quick and easy easy way to get your fix. The beef can be served in both hard taco shells as well as soft.


– Ground Beef

– Ortego tacos & taco seasoning mix

– 2 tbl Olive Oil


Brown the ground beef with the oil in a pan. After the beef has browned, drain the water from the pan, and add about a cup of water to the meat along with the seasoning mix (it says the exact amount of water on the packet of the seasoning mix) Warm up the tacos in the oven but be careful not to leave it in for more than a few min b/c it heats up quickly and will burn!

Click here for the salsa recipe

and here for the guacamole recipe

~ Recipe submitted by Nina Safar

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2 thoughts on “Beef Tacos”

  • You can make great dairy tacos by using a kosher meat substitute with the Ortego Taco mix. More water needs to be used. We also put the taco mixture over chips since in our house of non-dainty boys, the taco shells break very easily. Not all like salsa, so I put bowls of cheese, cut-up: lettuce, onions, tomatoes, etc… on the table along with taco sauce and it’s Make Your Own Taco Night!

  • It’s nice to discover brand new tips for dishes and also straightforward methods to make them. I prepared this for our dinner last weekend. The whole family liked it, I’ll be offering it frequently from now on.

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