Cheeseless Scalloped Potatoes

My wife really loves Scalloped Potatoes. As a matter of fact it’s her favorite dish, and if it were up to her we’d probably eat it at least once a week. The only problem for us is that we live in an area where the availability of kosher cheese is equal to that of Vancouver Canucks Stanley Cup Rings. That is to say it isn’t available. It was always an assumption of ours that good Scalloped Potatoes needed cheese, but I’m happy to announce that this is not the case. This dish rivals the best cheese filled potato dishes out there, and if you happen to live in a place where pareve margarine is available, this dish could be either pareve or even fleishig. Of course, if you’re having a dairy meal, you can go ahead and use good old fashioned butter. I’ve also had this dish where we put cheese on top with just about 10 minutes left in the cooking time and it came out delicious. Both of my children really like this dish as well, and as anyone who has two children under the age of three can tell you, if they’ll eat it all up and then tell you it was yummy, it’s a good thing.

5 Large Potatoes
3/4 cup Chopped Onion
3 Tbsp Butter(or pareve margarine if it’s a meat meal)
1/4 cup Flour
1 3/4 cup Chicken Broth(use pareve chicken broth if you’re using butter)
2 Tbsp Mayonnaise
3/4 tsp Salt
1/8 tsp Pepper

1. Wash, peel, and slice potatoes thinly(about 1/2 cm thick)
2. In a greased casserole dish layer potatoes and chopped onion
3. In a saucepan melt butter and stir in flour until smooth
4. Add remaining ingredients to saucepan gradually and stir until sauce has thickened
5. Pour sauce over potatoes and bake at 325F for 2 hours

~ Recipe submitted by Moishe Callow of Stay At Home Tatte

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