Stuffed Chicken Breast

One night I was craving crunchy chicken and my husband wanted mashed potatoes and spinach for dinner and I thought, hey how about making it all in one dish? I always liked stuffed chicken but usually had it with rice and mushrooms so I wasn’t quite sure how this would come out, being that the consistency of the potatoes is really creamy. It definitely made for a slightly messy prep but the chicken tasted great and we both got the dish we wanted that night!


Chicken breasts, pounded thin
Instant mashed potatoes
Spinach (I use frozen and cook it as directed on the box)
Olive oil or Mayo
Corn flake crumbs


Prepare the mashed potatoes and spinach as directed on the box. (You can make them from scratch as well) Once they are both ready, mix them together in a bowl. To get chicken breasts thinned out you can either have your butcher do it at the store, sometimes they even sell it like that already wrapped to go, or you can cover it with wax paper and use a meat tenderizer or can and pound it thin yourself. Once it is thinned out, take the chicken breast and put a layer of the spinach and mashed potatoes mixture on it, covering the middle but leaving the edges empty. Then start with one end of the breast and roll it up like a jelly roll. Use toothpicks to keep it closed. Once they are all rolled up, you can put either olive oil or mayo on top and then cover it with corn flake crumbs. Cook the chicken on ‘350 for about an hour. (remove the toothpicks when you serve)

~ Recipe submitted by Nina Safar

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  • I made the same thing without the potatoes and instead of doing breadcrumbs i sprinkled on some spices like garlic, salt, pepper…and then brushed it with ducksauce. It wasn’t crunchy but it was really good and very low calorie.

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